Saturday, 28 December 2013

Evan Wilson || american artist ||

Evan Wilson 

was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in 1953. He showed interest in art at an early age when University of Alabama art professor and family friend Richard Brough provided him with painting materials and inspiration.

Wilson’s strong traditional training to “paint what he sees” has allowed him to paint a wide array of subjects, from white peonies in silver pitchers to rural baptisms in creeks to the official portrait of Alabama First Lady Lori Siegelman. Always searching for new subjects and new ways to depict them, Wilson divides his time among interiors, florals, figures, landscapes, and portraits. 

Aaron Westerberg || american painter ||

Aaron Westerberg (b.June 27, 1974)

Contemporary realist Aaron Westerberg was born in San Diego, California on June 27, 1974, and raised in the rural, mountainous town of Ramona, one of San Diego County’s oldest communities.  As a child his urge to draw was inspired by the area’s picturesque surroundings, which included intriguing and distinct boulder formations.

He continued his artistic path by enrolling at a small community college in the nearby town of San Marcos, where he studied life drawing and illustration

Patricia Watwood || american young artist ||

Patricia Watwood  (b.1972)

is the youngest of seven children, raised in St. Louis, Missouri. In College, she majored in Scenic Design at Trinity University, in San Antonio Texas. She has done design work in regional theatre in San Antonio, St. Louis, Seattle, and Boulder, Co. While working in Seattle in 1994, she began studying at The Academy of Realist Art, which marks the beginning of her studies in traditional painting, and a new direction in her career.

Watwood’s paintings travel through worlds of mythology, allegory, and contemporary human life. Her images are carefully designed to convey the beauty and stillness of the visual world. Philosophically, the paintings reflect the artist’s search for meaning and desire for spiritual connection with both subjects and viewers...

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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Steven Kenny || american surreal artist ||

Steven Kenny 

was born in Peekskill, New York in 1962. He attended the Rhode Island School of Design, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1984. His final year of art school was spent studying independently in Rome. That direct exposure to European art (especially the Baroque works of the Italian, Dutch and Flemish schools) had a significant effect on his painting style.

Steven Kenny creates painting that are deep, beautiful, and meaningful. There is a spiritual essence to his vision, with symbolism that is mystical and clearly important to his psyche. Entering his world is to embrace your own imagination and let it fly, on the wings of the birds he entwines with humanity. Perhaps it is the yearning to fly that his paintings express so eloquently, the flight that is taken in the heart and mind. It is a flight that leaves behind our times and our daily toils. These paintings are a world of their own, in their own realm.