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Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841) french artist

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

 is one of the greatest Impressionist artists of all times. He is perhaps best loved for his paintings of pretty children, flowers, beautiful scenes, and above all, beautiful women. The warm sensuality of Renoir’s style has made his paintings some of the most well-known and enjoyed works in the history of art.
Renoir was a central figure in the emergence of the Impressionist movement which began in France during the second half of the nineteenth century. Artists Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley, and Jean Frédéric Bazille, among others, were friends of Renoir and shared his enthusiasm for the impressionist style. They had grown tired of the “Old Masters” stiff and structured art style and wanted to bring a richness of feeling and warmth into their paintings.
Life was not easy for these artists. It took some time for the art community to accept and appreciate this new and emerging style, and the artists often lived in poverty. There were times during the 1860s when Renoir didn’t even have enough money to buy the paint to put on his canvasses.

Peter Taylor Quidley | american artist |

Peter Taylor Quidley

Peter Quidley was born on Boston’s Beacon Hill in 1945. Though he studied drawing throughout his college years, Quidley is largely a self-taught painter. Working as a professional artist for more than four decades, his goal has been to create paintings of beauty and enduring quality. Over the course of his career, Quidley gravitated toward a subtle narrative form, depicting peaceful and serene scenes, redolent of mystery, mischief, and simple innocence.
All of his paintings—land- or seascapes, still lifes, or figurative pieces—convey a palpable emotional significance. Quidley’s characteristic style involves stripping his paintings of subject matter, iconography or clothing styles that place his scenes in a particular era; in so doing, the artist imbues his paintings with a sense of timelessness. He demonstrates a deep respect for the classical painting tradition through his practices of painting on panel, grinding his own pigments and choosing gold leaf water gilded frames. In a uniquely personal gesture, he often affixes to the back of a finished piece the brushes used to create the painting. According to one critic, “The first thing you notice about Peter Quidley’s oil paintings is the shimmering, lustrous character of the light which seems to radiate from the inside out, as if each picture is infused with its own individual incandescence.

Cecile Veilhan | French artist |

Cecile Veilhan

The artist was born in Nantes, France, in 1965. Her artwork is all imbued with charm, elegance, finesse and innocence, reveals situations known to every woman.
Cecile Veilhan invites to enter a world of women's faces, gracious and candid. Her women are soft, full of tenderness, dressed in flowered dresses, polka dot or checkered, which bright and cheerful motifs add to the enchantment ...
Women Cecile Veilhan are attentive to others, loving. Many paintings evoke scenes of tenderness, affection for a child, the friend found for that just give his sentence.
More rarely, it is a novelty, the artist reveals an unexpected aspect of its characters. So is it for this picture of a relaxed friendly, voluble, accomplices around delicious pastries.

Cecile Veilhan says about the women she creates: "They are timeless, idealized, painting them fills me with joy. I enjoy seeing them rise on the canvas."