Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Andrea Steorts - American Artist

  Andrea Steorts


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In a medieval hill town founded by the Etruscans that sits in the heart of Tuscany and floats high above the Val di Chiana plain, the artist first found what a writer would call, her “voice.” For a painter, however, voice is not constructed of words or syllables, quatrains or rhythmic verse, but of palette and brush stroke and pure inspiration.
In that moment over a decade ago, sitting at a café outside the Palazzo Communale, Andrea Steorts discovered what became the foundation for her early work, and what would be the impetus that every artists hopes for, a yearning that cannot be satiated without continuing to create.
Andrea Steorts has exhibited in La Jolla, Santa Barbara, Milan, and San Francisco and sold her original paintings and giclees in the United States and Europe through galleries and high-end department stores. Andrea owned a successful art gallery in downtown San Diego’s historic Gaslamp district until January 2002.
She resides and works just south of San Diego where she teaches art classes and continues to produce work for her patrons. She continues to travel to Europe regularly...