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Friday, 11 April 2014

joseph Lorusso - american painter

joseph Lorusso

joseph Lorusso   was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1966 and received his formal training at the American Academy of Art. He went on to receive his B.F.A. degree from the Kansas City Art Institute. Born of Italian descent, Lorusso was exposed to art at an early age. Through several early trips to Italy, his parents introduced him to the works of the Italian Masters. Lorusso would look to these influences throughout his early artistic development and they are still evident in his work today.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Adriana Abbate - Italian sculptor and painter

Adriana Abbate

Adriana Abbate  (personal website)

 was born in 1958 in Gallipoli, Italy.

She began painting as a self-learner in 1975 and debuted in a solo exhibition in December 1977.
At the same time she undertaook a drawing course at the Fine Arts School of Design and Plastic "E. Maccagnani ". Under the supervision of Prof. Raffaele Spizzico she then graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce. She held solo and group exhibitions in Italy (Lecce - Taranto - Milan - Bologna).

Another example of the artist's presence in Gallipoli is the Church of St. Gerardo Maiella where she has designed the interiors. The project approved by the Commission of Religious Art of the diocese of Nardo, has also included the creation of the main chair and nineteen large oil paintings for the walls throughout the presbytery.
Moreover, in the same years she designed the side chapels adjacent to the presbytery of the Church itself and the decorations for the church in the cemetery of Gallipoli. Smaller works have been conducted for the private chapels of the cemeteries of the departments of Lecce and Taranto.

The artist's work continues nowadays through experimenting new techniques such as metal melting and modelling of clay, reaching unique results with the puropose to leave a sign in the heart of those who understand her language and are able to "read" it and love it.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Michele Del Campo - italian hyperrealist painter

Michele Del Campo

Michelle del Campo was born in Italy in 1976. And graduated from Jordanstone College of Arts specialty of illustration in 2001. In 2002 , he moved to Madrid and started his career of painting . Since 2008 , lives and works in London. His paintings are in the genre of realism, where the main characters is urban youth.